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MEDITATION:   I have over 20 years experience in practicing and teaching meditation I travelled around the world and learnt meditation advanced techniques, from the greatest Guru in India. (Bhubaneswar Orissa the abode of the divine) Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Utkal Pithdishwar Sri Swami Arupananda ji Maharaj.
He encourages individuals around the world to gain inner peace through the practice of meditation.
Quote:  Meditation is an art to uplift your consciousness and to have control effortlessly over our flexible mind and body and senses.
Whilst a person is full of stress, tension, the way to release your tension and reduce your stress is through the daily practice of meditation. There are various types of meditation to learn to clean and clear the inner disease of a person. Meditation helps you to acknowledge our soul and self awareness.
Basically how do we control one's mind? It is flexible to take control over one's mind and your senses, all we need is to concentrate and feel the self with every sense. Sometimes desires, emotions and wanting are the diseases which kill every moment to oneself and body. So to cleanses yourself, to have good health and positive thinking, meditation is an absolute must, meditation which helps the body and mind to live a long life.
Example when your mind is not able to rest, it is just flying here and there, at that time concentrate, on the ajna chakra between the brows on your forehead with the eyes closed reciting to the self using the mantra OM.
That will sparkle off spiritual medicine which will help, to eradicate all bad stresses and tensions, helping to move you through, making you more positive.
So meditation is an absolute package of realization of one's self and your health, as well as for getting prosperity in life.

- Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Utkal Pithdishwar Sri Swami Arupananda ji Maharaj.

At Lascala Spa, We offer a wide range of services to help people learn and gain a state of wellness, through different services and products. These are :

Society at large and businesses today are faced with many issues at the work place as well as In their homes.
We are bombarded and overloaded with immense pressure and stresses with in our daily lives.
Stress is an overload of pressure, fatigue, and exhaustion to mention a few, which can lead to disease such as cancer, heart failure, insomnia, hyper anxiety attacks, restlessness, destructive imbalance to mental and physiological, social well being.Also having destructive effects tension rising in our society can lead to wars, unemployment, high taxes, theft crime, also leading to divorces.
An effective way to combat the overload that we experience in our daily lives can be learnt with these simple easy techniques practiced into our daily routine, to release our stresses, strains, naturally and effortlessly.